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Private Blog Code

Hey, I was just reading saw someone has submitted their private blog code .

view source of the profile, search for "Latest Blog Entry" with the search function (CTRL+F)
Then get the friendID and blogID from the list of blogs there.

That's all there is to. It will open in the edit blog mode, by the way.

Hope you enjoy it while it lasts,
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New Private Blog Code

This is just so it comes up on the recent comments bit there on the left, recent topics has been disabled it'd seem.

Preferred List

What about viewing someone else's preferred list? As in who is on it. Possible?

Nope it's not possible as far as I know.

It's not possible with an URL messup as only the person can view their preffered list, there is only a URL for "My Preffered list", so you cant display anyone else's unless you're them.

I believe this is so, however i've never really used preffered lists and stuff. So if you can view other peoples preffered lists by being a friend or something, please give me a bell.

Yours faithfully,

New Private Blog Code

It also works if someone made their blog private and you have/had a subscription to it; just hover over the blog entry name on the subscription page with your mouse and it will tell you the blog ID # of that blog.
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Re: Private Blog Code

i want everyone to know that these dont work anymore....most all of them dont...

Re: Private Blog Code

Are we 100% sure that the blog code doesn't work anymore?????? I tried using it this morning and I can see the blogs listed on a private profile, just couldn't read them. The blogs that I could see were on this profile before they went private. However I know for a fact that the person had more, but I'm pretty sure that they've taken some of them off now. So....are they working or not working?????


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Re: Private Blog Code

I dont think it works anymore. I just tried it and it gave me that page that says "sorry an unexpected error accured" and whatever else it says. If anyone has any luck with it let me know pleae

Re: Private Blog Code

I need a new code to view a blog where I am not on the blog owner's preferred list pretty please

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Re: Private Blog Code

i don't get it still, can you help me.

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Re: Private Blog Code

 This thread is 2 years old. Any loopholes which may have existed have long since been closed.


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