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private myspace profiles

I get so frustrated over private myspace profiles. Of course, I have the usual ex, b!tch, etc. profiles that I would like to see, but overall, it's just annoying that every other person has their profile private.
It's the internet people, of course it's not really private.

I keep looking for codes though. Figured I'd post a new topic in hopes of finding one.

Seriously though, what is the purpose of a private profile?? if you're that "private" then don't be on myspace. pretty simple.

any help would be greatly appreciated!!



No help, but also venting...

Yeah, sorry, I have no help for you. But I just wanted to add to your vent. It pisses me off when I find people looking at me, only for them to have a private profile. Hey- if your looking at me, I should get to see yours! And I get more mad when private people view me on a daily basis. So not fair. But I refuse to be private myself.


yeah exactly.... I don't want to make mine private either. But I get irritated when I can clearly see the idiots who look at my page and then have theirs private. it doesn't make myspace fun ya know


I need the codes to view a private profile, not sure if any new codes are out yet but if anyone has them they would be greatly appreciated! Please help!!!!!

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