Question about viewing friends list

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Question about viewing friends list

Ok here is my question, this user has a private profile, when i use the view private friends list code it says 1 of 1 friends. The thing is, when i view other profiles from other people i see that user in their friends list??? I know about 3 profiles that this user is on their friends list yet when i use the view friends list it still says 1 of 1 friends yet i know that user is atleast on 3 to 4 friends list??? I did change the 1 to 0 in the code yet no go. And just for clarification its the same user id in the other list that this person is under the friends list.

Ive used the same view friends list code on other private profiles and it works great so why for this specific user it just doesnt show the friends?



Re Question about viewing friends list

It could be that that user deleted those people from the friends list, they would still show up on the other lists because myspace has always had issues with numbers of people and filtering out old friends.

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