Something simple to view old private profiles.

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Something simple to view old private profiles.

Go to, search ' [insert the friend ID here]' and click the cached button to view old versions of profiles. You can also try searching the persons URL.

this has worked for me a few times and its worth a shot!




that is fantastic!

what exackly do you have to

what exackly do you have to search for though ?? what do you type in the seach box ??

Doesn't work for me...

I tried ' [and I inserted the friend ID here]' but the results said that it didn't match any documents. I even tried their URL. I've been to that particular profile many times for the last several weeks, even before it went private. Any ideas?

There's not a cache for all

There's not a cache for all sites available. My experience is that it doesn't work with most of the private profiles.

Oh well... thanks.

Oh well... thanks.

cached myspace pages

i've been using the cache thing for a couple months now and I too noticed that happening. Here is why. I dont know exactly how it works but from my understanding, every now and then there is a "snapshot" of a website taken at some particular point in time. When and how often that occurs, i have no idea. But basically, if the snapshot is taken while that profile is already set to private, you wont be able to see it. If the profile was public when the snapshot was taken, you will be able to see the page but only as it was at that time--meaning you wont be able to see any new comments or changes made since the day the snapshot was taken. Nor will you be able to click on their pictures, blogs, etc if their profile is now set to private. If you didn't find any results when you googled it, my guess is that thier profile didnt exist at the time webpages were being cached. A lot of profiles that I cached are showing up as pages from April or May. So if they are a new member, you probably won't find any new documents. Same goes for the comment above yours. I just tried it and it works fine. It probably didn't work for you because thier profile was already private or it didnt exist yet.

Re: Doesn't work for me... happened to me too.can someone help me too?


why did u guys post that before you all posted that deal . the myspace crew didn't cover that hole. now they did. i tried with somebody's myspace and cache. you guys, leaked it.

That it doesn't work anymore

That it doesn't work anymore doesn't mean it's fixed! You know that caches are only saved for a specific range of time, don't you?

it did work before

this person i was looking his cache page did work cause the page was open awhile back ago, then left on private . i tried to use the cache to see it worked and i didn't see any of you all posting it up on this bulletin. it worked fine...
but then untill a leakage on here had been posted up someone or member of myspace has sealed it up.

after i read the bulletin here on the cache topic which i knew before most of you all. i checked back and this person's myspace cache myspace that open before aint even on anymore, there was zero nodda..

so either someone had leaked this out and a myspace crew found out. or they found out else where from another website.


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