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Hey there,
I am wondering if anyone know about, it is a tracker of some sort, but I am wondering if u can "SEE" who has checked your profile with it.
Do any tracking sites actually show u who visited your myspace??
I am also confused about the tracker blocker.... I downloaded adblock plus and I have seen little tabs on my myspace but I am wondering.... does this mean that people can't tell if I check their site?? Or what does it adblock plus do EXACTLY??
thanks for any help u can offer....ang




Thanks for mentioning that one, it wasn't on our list yet. Nearly all trackers work by registering your ip address. They do this by making you download files from their server, usually an image. Most of them couple that ip address to the ip of members who signed up for their specific tracker. So if person A who's a trackzor member visits a page of person B who has trackzor then person B can see myspace profile info of person A. If a non-member visits their page then no myspace info is given. Depending on the tracker they can still always see details like ip, time of visit, isp, browser, operating system, referring page and the estimated location of the visitor.
There are exceptions, trackspace uses more info than just the ip to identify people and give their myspace info and some trackers use javascript codes that can give myspace info about non-members.

Adblock prevents your browser from downloading files from addresses that you have specified. If you don't download the tracker file then you won't get registered.
I believe the tabs you see are just for flash and java elements on a page so that doesn't mean much. You can see if adblock is working by looking at the list of blockable items and the blocked addresses appear in red.

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