who veiws my profile??

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who veiws my profile??

i know every one asks this bt i relly want to know who veiw my profile so if u could email it to me it was be perfect




who views your profile: a myspace tracker

to see who view's your profile, you would need a Myspace 'tracker'. As far as i know, right now there are no good ones out there that actually work as advertised. even if you did find one that works, Myspace usually ends up blocking them pretty quick so they end up not working anymore.

Maybe some other members can post if they know of any good working ones..

RE: who views your profile: a myspace tracker

I actually use safeprofile and it has worked pretty well with me. It doesn't tell you everyone that looks at your profile if they don't use the same tracker but if you want to know if a specific person is looking then you can see the IP address and click on that and then it will tell you the specific location of that IP address. That is basically what I wanted to use it for.


Mixmap works well when its online, doesn't give IP's just location of who was on your site, but thru hardy boys logic you can use that to figure out who that person was, I have another one that works alll the time but seems anything that gets posted in large venues gets killed pretty quick

re: Myspace tracker

profiletracker.us will show you everyone and not just other members. It's been around since april. It has switched methods several times, but has always worked.

I don't mind the exposure, the last time myspace filtered the code, those that had the code in place were not affected so long as they didn't edit a certain section of their profile.

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