Help, my group has been taken over!!!

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Help, my group has been taken over!!!

I got a message from someone called "Mr. Wrong", and I had a weird feeling about this one, so I blocked him, deleted the msg.
Well I noticed that he has messed up several of the threads in a group I moderate.
When you click on the affected forums, the page looks normal for a few seconds, and then you can't click on any of the links, my computer redirects to this address:, freezes, and I can't shut down Firefox unless I go ctrl alt delete and manually shut it down that way.
It also shoots my firefox usage up to 50-60,000 range.
I managed to delete one of the threads somehow, but I cannot remove the other forums that were affected.
Any help here would be appreciated, I don't want to have to delete the whole group over 3 affected forums!!

I also could find virtually NOTHING about it on google, just other infected pages.
I have reported him to myspace, but you know how that goes...
halp!!! I love my group!!!



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