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myspace layout question

I hope this question makes sense...


So w/ all the codes on these forums that were developed to "hide" information we don't want others to see, is there a way to tell in the language of the layout that is embedded in the "about me" section what is associated w/ the "view the latest blog entry" and XX's details? Because if someone knew how to click on "no style" and that information shows up anyway, aren't the codes just essentially useless?

I have made numerous attempts to decipher the layout language w/o success. Most of it I have figured out, but I'm guessing I need to write my own layout in order to actually leave out links to view latest blog entry and XX's details. There is just information such as status and location, etc, etc, I do not want shown at all, whether under basic page style or no style.

Just wondering if anyone knew or if I answered my own question by needing to create my own layout code to leave the above mentioned language out....


Thank you everyone and I'm grateful to be part of this....have learned soooo much about my computer, which is fine, since I'm on it too much anyway writing up reports for school...



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