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myspace mail help

I've been searching high and low for a way to download myspace email to my computer. I can't do it through manual cut and paste because there are thousands. They don't seem to offer POP3/IMAP so Outlook/Thunderbird seem to be out of the question. The plugins that I've found seem to be nonfunctional. And the myspace forums don't seem to have a clue.

I've heard google gears might work although I'm not sure how to set it up to do so (do I just download it and thats it?) My first priority is to get the messages on my computer undamaged. Secondarily, I'd like to preserve the original messages in the inbox, get them into a format that is easily read/searched offline, and be able to read those pesky ones where the sender had a deleted account. If anybody could help me with these problems it'd be much appreciated...




Re: myspace mail help

I have searched high (and low!) for any sort of plugin that will get your Myspace mail and i can't find anything. It looks like Myspace intentionally does not allow this by not offering POP3 or IMAP email access which would make sense so they can force you to come to your Myspace page and get their advertisers blasted in your face. If you could download your Myspace mail into your mail-client, you might not ever have a reason to go to again! (at least, that's probably what they are worried about).

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