Myspace not as dangerous as parents think?

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Myspace not as dangerous as parents think?


Study Says Teens Safer On MySpace Than Parents Think

UPDATED: 12:46 pm EST January 5, 2007

A South Florida professor said that teens are safer on than parents think, television station WPBF reported.Criminology professor Sameer Hinduja and his research team at Florida Atlantic University determined the safety of more than 2,400 Myspace profiles of teenagers from across the country."

MySpace has received a significant amount of negative attention by the popular media, as well as by parents, teachers, school administrators, counselors and even law enforcement," said Hinduja. "We wanted to collect data to determine how many youth were including identifying information on their MySpace profile pages.



"By and large, kids were very responsible," Hinduja said. "They were being vigilant and being wise in terms of what they were revealing online."[/quote]

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