Myspace privacy settings

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Myspace privacy settings

I want to make my Myspace a public one, but I can't because it doesn't say 'Set to private or public'. It says:

Friends only
Only users under 18 on Myspace
Only users under 18

I have tried all but they keep my profile private. Any help?



how old are you?

It seems that your age set in MYSPACE is not allowing you to do that. All profiles that are set to 18 and over have the public option

Re: how old are you?

I believe it's actually 16 and under.  17YO can have it public

Re: Myspace privacy settings

but its funny caue i have seen a girl 17 years no private

Re: Myspace privacy settings

whos to keep girls from lying ?
p.s. are you sure its 18 not like 14 or something

Re: Myspace privacy settings

Login to Myspace

Click on Edit Profile

Click on Basic Info

Change the Date of Birth

Smack the Save Changes button

im new to the geek so i do not know if it posted this earlier or if it just hides my comments so i am triing again

Re: Myspace privacy settings

Ican't get past the privacy setting to view a profile. I know nothing about computers, so please walk me thru the steps

be careful

myspace has deleted accounts because of that! something about the TOS, be careful when you do that..


Re: Myspace privacy settings

It may work by changing the settings you said about but you may need to log out and back in for changes to be made. When I changed to appear offline it took me to log out and in again to make it work.

Worth a try maybe :)

Re: Myspace privacy settings

OK, I made a donation, Now will I receice the codes to get passed the privacy section of a myspace account?

Re: Myspace privacy settings

ok larry please if you do not mind dont post on topics unrelated to this next time make a new topic

u should gain access with in twelve hours or whenever they process it first
also did you make sure to tell in it your username so they know it was you who gave th donation


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