Myspace Exposes Videos Stored In Private Profiles

Yet another simple URL modification makes Myspace private profile information available - Reported to Myspace and now corrected.

In recent weeks has exposed two very simple methods that allowed anyone to view comments and photos stored in private Myspace profiles. These security holes were available by a simple modification of the URL used to access Myspace. The story of these security holes were posted on, and very quickly spread across the Internet. Once public, Myspace reacted swiftly and closed these two holes within 24 hours. But as soon as those security breaches were addressed by Myspace, more were popping up, and being closed by Myspace, like a lame game of whack-a-mole.
Myspace videos are not in strong demand

I'm sure the demand to view videos uploaded to private Myspace profiles is nowhere near as high as the demand to view private comments and photos. But the idea that this type of simple URL modification can still give anyone access to information that is intended by Myspace to be "private" should make us all think twice about posting anything on the internet that you would not be comfortable with the whole world seeing.

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wow they got the worst security measures ever. being such a popular website don't they have security experts. or expert programmers.

they fixed the codes in circulation work...sowwy

I keep seeing people asking for codes, I'm sure if you have commen sense, you won't put them on here anymore...IF MYSPACE DOSN'T KNOW ABOUT A HOLE, they won't fix it you retards... Keep that shit on the down low... stop messin it up for everyone else. I can honestly say I need the codes, but the diffrence is, i could care less about posting things like that in the open... Share the love, but do it smart. All i want to doi s see if my girl is up to no good.. Anyone thats ever been in this situation knows how it feels. And if your a clown and say "well if you can't trust her then leave" It dosn't work that easy when you have practically built your life around this person, and especially when you have kids. So please I'll ask nicely, if you have nothing nice to say save it bro... But if you want share with me and selective others, then thank you. I don't need to see the whole profile, I just want to see comments, and friends list. nothing more. Thanks again. JR.

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