How to set your Myspace profile to Private

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You can set your profile to private so that only your friends can view it (just like if you were under 16 years old) - it's easy!

Private Myspace Setting


Steps to set your profile to private:

  • Log in to your Myspace account
  • From your HOME page, select Account Settings
  • Next to Privacy Settings, click Change Settings
  • Where it says Who Can View My Full Profile click My Friends Only
  • Press the Save Changes button

That's it! Now only people on your friends list will be able to view your profile!





Your message says that you guys figured out how to see private myspave pages....but you dont say how???? Ppppppplease tell me. I need to look at my sons page before he gets out of control. Thank you.

What is the easy way to view a profile on myspace that is set to private. I know other people do it but how?

Someone has to have done it? I have tried numerous things with the html.

The only thing I can see is that the value of a hidden page reads "hidden" within the source code... I have been unable to see the page however, when changing it to that of a viewable page.

SOMEONE COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on mine i only have two options 'only friends can see my profile' and 'only people under 18 can see my profile' .. but they have to be signed in.. do its like teh same.. how do i make my profile completely public?

Ure probs 14 or 15, thoose are auto private

Like alot of people want to know, is there a way to look at private profiles?

I found an old friend from my childhood, but I can't even write to her or see her profile. It says I must know her email or last name, and she's married now so I dont know her new last name. Is there any way to get around this? Pleaaasseee Help!!!!


Yo i need 2 knw plzzzz tell me, this is quite important!!


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