Mods in Myspace source

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Mods in Myspace source

K, first of all I used the oldest trick in the book, and so far truly the most reliable!!!!!!!
You all know, but may say, too much work right? Well, it works, and if you had already done it, you'd be in by now!!!!!
1. Get a photograph of anyone.
2. Think about your target.
Create a fairly complete profile on Yahoo using "A FEW" things your prospect might relate to. (Ie. Profile has mothers first name, or is from same state, has a kid too, etc.)
3. Write this info down.
4. Go to myspace and do the same. (Go so far as to pimp it slightly to add authenticity. Only takes a sec)
5. When done log in as this profile.
6. Go to your targets private page.
7. Send a brief (Slightly appologetic) e-mail using one thing you know about them that might catch their interest w/out tipping your hand. (Ie. Sorry to bother you but I noticed that you too are a sailboarder, if you ever want to compare notes, just add me ..... Etc.)
8. Next thing you're in.
(If you talk a little at first then go silent, it's also a good chance you will go to their second friends page and get forgotten thus keeping you with access!!!

Now, My ??????

Now that I'm there, is there any way I can use her source code to make changes, add tracking code, remote codes, etc?)
Can modification of this source be used for anything???
Can I modify my own???