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Myspace Trackers official thread

If anyone has tried a Myspace tracker that WORKS post about it here..

if you tried a tracker that does not work, post about that too so other members know to stay away from it!

Edit: This thread is now closed.  Please post your experience with Trackers or your tracker questions in the Trackers Forum


Um, there's a problem with this one

The " " one looks great and all, but before it will let you activate the tracker it tries to force you to send out a message to your ENTIRE friends list notifying them about the tracker! If you don't click the button to do that, no tracker.

Part of the point is to see who is visiting you without them knowing you're looking. I don't feel like announcing to my whole friends list that I'm going to start tracking their every move on my profile.

Anyone have a free tracker similar to this, one that actually WORKS but doesn't require you to either A) spam your friends or B) force them to sign up for the same tracker in order for it to work?


Okay, yes you do need to send a bulliten out to all your friends if you want to sign up, but did you ever think about simply CHANGING THE HEADLINE AND TEXT TO SOMETHING ELSE?!!!!! All you need to do is post a bulliten, not specifically that text. I just did it. Wake up people.

Excuse me...

Before you start tossing out words like "DUH" and "wake up people" please be aware that on that site it simply says:

"To make this service better, please inform your friends on MySpace.
The more people sign up on this site, the better tracking results will be.
Thank you for your support.

Once you've sent the message - you will receive the tracking code!"

Then a button that says "Send Message"

I wasn't going to risk pushing that button and spamming my friends list without knowing what the heck would happen when I pushed it.

You could have politely explained that there was a way around it that was risk-free.

Furthermore that site is a nightmare! After sending out a random bulletin, it makes you enter the code in your profile which has a banner link to the site plus 2 other ad links. If it scans your profile and that's not there, you can't activate (which could take up to 24 hours for their site's "robot" to scan your profile)...

Then, trying to log in gives a 404 error.


Okay, but here's one that really works!

This is one that I've been using for a while. Again, don't expect anything fantastic. It only shows you pictures and profiles of people who are also signed up under their network. For people not signed up on their network, it will show you time and number of hits and also their IP address (which is also a link to an IP mapping site). The whole thing is absolutely free with no ads, no bullitens, no anything.

Profiletracker validity?

Miss Geek, has profiletracker been up a long time?

I took a look at their profile with the code on and i noticed that they are using a javascript exploit in myspace, i predict that this is for some of the more advanced features, like email of the visitor and so fourth.

**Edit - Removed.. We dont own that code, so it's not good to post it..
But we get the idea.

I'm reporting the hole as it can be exploited by even more dangerous things, this is already a huge breech of privacy. So I will see it is closed, if they're depending on this exploit they may lose a chunk of features, so maybe your money is not well spent.

Sorry geek if I've screwed you out of a few dollars =)

How exactly do you think

How exactly do you think they work? That's the same as the private profile exploits that get tossed around here on a regular basis.

It's people like you that reveal these things to people with more hostile intentions. Way to go.

I agree.

A little info in the hands of the wrong people is not cool at all.

The link on the first post, the one that costs money, works in a way that is scarily accurate.

And on that note... WHY are the codes being passed out via private email rather than posted on the board, yet trackers and exploits like this (which give people's private info) are being posted in an official thread?

I am humbly requesting a vote that this info be removed from the board - the links to trackers AND the awful coding in the previous post - and be distributed via email list ONLY!

Anyone agree?

re: Myspace tracker information

Any piece of infomation is dangerous when someones wields it, I've already complained about the email list just opressing infomation, this is why i've released my codes on the board.

The private profile codes could of been thrown to the hands of paedophiles and murderers, but they were released for the gain of the masses. Exploits are released so more people can understand how they work, just to expand knowledge.

....OK, You've never done this before have you?

You've obviously never had anything to do with exploits and things, you find an exploit, advise the owner on how to fix it, then post it when you know it's being fixed.

I emailed myspace and they were working on it, considering my point was the validity i had to say why I didn't believe it was a valid site. If I had said, "It uses a javascript exploit", anyone who wanted to know how it worked would check. It was at an odd place in the page so I posted it as proof of it's existance.

There was no danger and anyone who has hostile intentions would of sought this out, instead of stumbling upon it like me.

Now we get to the difference between that javascript and a myspace URL hack, an URL hack shows infomation which is willingly put on a profile under the feeling that it was private. Ever heard the old saying anything on the internet isn't private? I bet somewhere in the myspace TOS it says they can't hold their word of privicy.

That javascript takes data which you did not willingly allow it to, it gets your email address just for 1, that is a huge breech of privacy.

So you understand the difference yes?

private profile viewing is

private profile viewing is the same level of privacy violation. I'm sorry that you are trying to draw distinctions where there should be none, you obviously want to justify one without the other, and it just doesn't work that way. You say "anything on the internet isn't private" and then complain about email? Email is.... get this, on the internet.

The url hacks are an exploit as well, and do you report them? Gosh since you are on this site I sure hope not. But let's not be hypocritical any longer.


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