How to add pictures to Myspace, Hi5, and MSN Spaces

How do I add pictures to Myspace, MSN Spaces, hi5, or Friendster?

To learn how to edit your pictures or create slideshows to upload into your profile (for free), see our free photo organizer and editing page

How to add pictures to your profile
This method should work on any blog or page that accepts HTML (Myspace, MSN Spaces, Friendster, Hi5, Blogger)

Step 1: Host your photo. Your picture must be hosted on a webserver - it wont work if the picture is on your hard drive. To host your picture go to (it's free) and upload your photograph from your PC to their server. After you upload your picture, find the "Direct link" URL and save it or write it down. The link will look something like:

Step 2: Copy the code below by highlighting it, selecting EDIT, COPY from the menu, or right-clicking on it and selecting COPY (while it's highlighted)

Step 3: Go to the page (or profile) where you want your photo and paste the code from step 2 (select EDIT, PASTE from the menu)

Step 4: after pasting, replace the line that says "http://yourhostedphoto/here" with the URL from step 1.

Step 5: Save your changes - Test how your page looks in both Internet Explorer AND Firefox to make sure it displays properly in both.

See our Myspace Codes and Layouts area for more codes and generators.




I've started to notice customized Display names on MySpace. I tried copy/pasting html into the text box, no luck. Does anyone know how this is accomplished? Thanks.

html has been filtered, as has the workaround of implimenting xsl recently( < )etc. There is still a way though. People are claiming that they had theirs before the filters and they just stayed. They are lying. I shall find out.

you need to have photobucket....any other questions just add me [email protected] on myspace. in the photobucket you copy the img into the display name field. if thats what you want, if you look at my profile, i think this is what your talking about. if not lemmie know

I hate being ther only idiot on the planet, but I can not find the 'about me' section in my spaces. I see where it is supposed to be a simple matter but I have wasted 2 hours trying to post code to the profile or about me or whatever it is I am supposed to be doing.

I opened my spaces and clicked edit profile but there was no 'about me' section. I tried 'pasting' anywhere on the page but the paste option is not available. I am totally lost and would appreciate feedback. Thanks

I can't find the "about me section", if you did it please tell me

Dave, You`re not the only idiot who can't find the f* link "about me", it seems I'm the second idiot.
In this page I can see this fields:

Headline: /Bio: /Members: /Influences: /Sounds Like: Website: Record Label: / Label Type:

I`m registered like a band too. It could be that??
Any suggestions?

i have a pictures and iv been everywhere and i would like to know if i can make my own myspace layout if so how?

what iz photo url and how do i get the photo url from my friends

For msn space i cannot add photos to it. I click on add photos but nothing works! Please help me

Yeah me too! It is greatly annoying. I've been trying to fix it for ages, but nothing seems to work. My friend Hann said she used to have that problem but she downloaded sme new program and it worked then. I've been trying to find this program but have been unsuccessful :( good luck,


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