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Nail Trimming

Hello!, I am new here and have a question. We just adopted a dog from the shelter and it's in need of a nail trim. The only problem is ... The nails are black and the dog is hyper. Does anyone know how far to trim the nails back without making them bleed??? I could really use all the help!


Re: Nail Trimming

Black nails are tricky!  I'd go a tiny bit at a time, no more than about 1/8", assuming your dog is full grown/average size, even less if the dog is smaller.  Make sure you have a styptic pencil and a small cup of water onhand.  They're very inexpensive, and you can usually find them with the men's shaving stuff in the drugstore.  If you do cut too deep, don't panic.  Dip the styptic pencil into the water and tap it on the tip of the nail, it'll stop the bleeding quickly.

Good luck, and congrats on the new family member!

Re: Nail Trimming

Usually the rule of thumb is you would cut where the nails would touch the floor if straight across. Now, if the nails are super long, you only want to cut a bit. The vein WILL grow as the nail grows. After cutting them, it will also begin to pull back some, so about every 3 wks or so, you can trim a little bit more! And follow LadyC's advice too!!! PS. if you have no stypic available, a bowl of flour will work also!

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