NASA Announces Shuttle Successor

Today NASA officially announced the successor to the space shuttle program. The so called Space Launch System is expected to use a single main engine as well as 5 subsequent engines. The SLS is also going to use boosters to exit the Earth's atmosphere just like the space shuttle has always done.

So far the SLS is far from complete at this point; very early testing is underway but it will be quite a while before the system is ready for manned space travel. Perhaps the most astonishing thing about the SLS is the appearance; it looks incredibly similar to the old school Apollo rockets that pioneered the space program. It seems that NASA has finally taken a cue from the past in terms of design as the new SLS is expected to be much more efficient than the previous space shuttle system.

If you are ready to see the SLS launch you will only have to wait a few more years; it will likely not be ready for human travel for at least a decade. Within 20 years NASA hopes to see the SLS take man to the surface of Mars as well so there is definitely a future for this rocket.



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