Need a little help to find an impostor.

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Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

Wow, that's really horrible. Why would someone do that to you AND the girl?

What do you mean with the person sent her your URL? 

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

that makes no sense. if this guy was using your pics and only your pics then how did she find you? what url?*Bling Bling*

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

Eventually the person came clean when she insisted on meeting them, and gave her the url to my personal page, which is how she got in contact with me.  It makes perfect sense.

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.


first, are you sure she isnt making this up? 

young girl---her age? 


[quote=bitterme]I just got an IM from a young girl in Vienna [/quote]

When exactly did you get this IM? 


[quote=bitterme]I'm not finding anything on this email address, but I thought that maybe someone here might do a better job than me and be able to find something out.[/quote]

What exactly is it that you need to find out?  

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

She's 20 now, was 17 when it started.

 I got the IM today, this afternoon (my time).

Anything and everything...I'm not so good at research, all I know to do is plug that email into google and hope, but it comes up with nothing.  I was hoping someone might be able to point me to some other resources where I could use this email addy to find further information, or if someone had an idea. 

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

Well its not completely out of the question that alot of people use their email main name EX.( in alot of their myspace/photobucket/facebook ect ect .. names so what i'm trying to get to is if you use that knowledge and search around on those sites using the same name insertmyname and find someone in turkey with the same name..its very possible that its the same person..i'm not saying for a certainty that its goign to be but, it may be...then the only other thing i could say to do is to play it off and email them asking them if a they have that email address or you've received that email address for some made up reason..(I don't know say it got spammed to you and obviously you'd have to make a fake account of whatever type or email) and if they say yeah then you know you got your man...


On a side note you could check the photobucket part and run davesmooths program and see if you can pick up pictures of a guy that looks turkish...although thats not exactly something you could probably determine instantly..and still wouldn't exactly prove anything definetly..but, its worth a shot I suppose...


The only other thing i can think of is if you have any info on the girl use what you know to possible find her myspace and go from there...its possible that he may have made a dummy myspace with your pictures and has contacted her there also..which may lead you to some more information about him and what he's doing....if i think of anything else..i'll get back to you

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

aside from feeling awful that your images were used to lie to this girl and that she fell in love with a different person but with your likenesses, if it's  even true, what can you really do? if the images were taken off your myspace page, you can report that along with the email & the info the girl gave you (about her and him) to myspace's abuse dept. if the images are copyrighted you could take that matter up to0, but it probably wouldn't go anywhere and would cost you more time and money than any money you lost.


i would be hesitant to get too involved with the person who sent you the IM, to have more than a couple interactions with them. if they are who they say they are, maybe the get attached to people very easily and will begin to latch on to you. if they aren't who they say they are, there could be any number of motives. the whole thing is outlandish, who knows what the real story is.


why would this guy even tell her where he got the pics from? why not just break up with her? if he's in turkey and she's in italy and they've just been pen pals the whole time... if he's actually in love with her why get you involved at all, why not just say "i was embarrased about how i looked" or whatever. basically though, what is the motive to involve you in any way? and if she's just letting you know, then that's it. she let you know, no need to interact with her any further. 


as for the person at the end of that email address, the same goes. who knows what would come from interactions with them. who knows if they did what "she" says they did. who knows what kind of person "he" is. too many variables, i think. print out all of the correspondence you got and save it in case any thing else like this comes up. spend a little time seeing if you can find anything out about it. but i wouldn't spend more than a few days on it. 


OR report it to the authorities (FBI probably), hand over all the info you've got, and let them take it from there. people do crappy things to other people all the time. you didn't have anything to do with anyone getting hurt. my suggestion is to spend as little of your energy on it as possible.

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

You should make up a new email account or just use on that you use for spam, and then have her email you. Check her email for the IP to make sure that she really is from Vienna. That would be a good place to start to make sure that someone is not making this all up.

Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

That is great advice.



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Re: Need a little help to find an impostor.

You know even if you find the impostor there's very little the authorities can do. It's a civil problem and you can only do lawsuits. Calling the cops or FBI won't get anything done. 


I had several profiles from my previous friends that were made against me, because i cut ties, and I did go to the cops, and the cops basically just outlined the law as long as there is no threat to do harm, they can't do anything. Slander and Liable isn't criminal, but it's still against the law in a civil sense.  


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