need help making table

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need help making table

I need help making a table that is close to this one

1. The table is 500 pixels wide
2. The cell colors are #0000FF, #330066 and #FF0000
3. The table border color is #FFFF00
4. The outside cells are 25% of the width of the table
5. The height of the center cell is 25% the height of the table





Almost Evil
Re: need help making table

So what is it you need help with? Seems like you have all the parameters you need to create the table..?

Anonymous Visitor
Re: need help making table

i have been trying to come up with the html code for it that is an area i am not good in, i prefer using a wysiwyg.

Re: need help making table

Goodness knows i'm no HTML expert, so i always cheat! Make your table in a WYSIWYG editor then "view code" to see/get the HTML.

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