Weird referral link on a tracker

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Weird referral link on a tracker

I use the tracker: PT.US and I noticed today a girl from my home town that I went to school with looked at my profile  and in the link where it says "url/tag" this came up " (URL REMOVED FOR PRIVACY). Now my myspace profile isn't rainbow love (the one that she looked at at least) but my "signature" on the net is rainbow_luv and where the link takes me I have NO CLUE who that person is or how she even got to that persons profile from my page. And I think it's so weird that in the link it says REMOVED haha What in the world is this link and how did she get it? Is it some kind myspace phishing thing or something?


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Re: Weird referral link What is it?

 Couple of things:

1. You can fake referral links- the person could have put in any URL that they choose and make that the referring URL

2. The /username is the userID for someone named Edy who uses PT- not sure if that is you. But what it looks like is someone ELSE who uses PT clicked a link from their tracker page, and then clicked to your profile from that link which then tracked using a vanity name and a token that had been manually input.

Also, keep in mind that the referral links on PT are not always accurate. People can also alter their cookies. But if that was the referring URL you got, there was a glitch in the PT database that somehow added a track to YOUR tracker stats page that belongs to someone else, and mashed them together- since the referring URL is someone who has the PT tracker.


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