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Netflix question


I am new and also kind of a computer clutz, so please don´t shoot :))
My questions is: I have a netflix subscription but can´t watch movies when I am on the trains, because of missing internet connection. I want to save the shows to my tablet so I can watch without needing a internet connection. I read about screen recorder software, but not quite sure how it works, what it does or if the saved movie is ok and can be seen on my tablet. Can you please recommend and guide me towards a good software that I need in order to save the netflix movies?


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Re: Netflix question

using any kind of screen recording software does not seem like it would work very effectively.
First, you would have to watch the show and record it while you watch. Since you've already watched it, why would you watch again?
Secondly, you have to record it on a computer, then convert the files into something that you can watch on your tablet, then, figure out how to get the files off your computer into your tablet.
Third.. Video files are usually pretty large.. It would probably only take a few episodes of anything to fill up your tablet, then you have to start deleting things
Forth, and probably least important, it is technically illegal to record these copyrighted shows.

Re: Netflix question

Hi there,

Moviebox is a good Netflix recorder
I have it and find it pretty good. It is not illegal as long as you use the files for personal matters and not give it away to third parties.
I don´t watch the movies that I download, as also said above, I wouldn´t see the point of saving it. I leave the tool to download at night, several episodes one after another and in the morning I have them on my PC.
True, if you want to have the movies on your tablet, you´ll have to convert and transfer, but Moviebox can also convert directly while recording the netflix streaming. You´ll only have to transfer when done.

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