New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

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New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

Who has the New Moon trailer???? I DOOO!!!

Okay, so I'm thrilled so far... it seems to be a little different than the book so far... opposed to Edward telling her he doesn't love her and disappearing, he actually explains some... but movies are always different...

It looks like it might be better than Twilight... since... the graphics appear to be better :D... no more CRAPPY budget... and a new director *doin the happy death to Hardwicke dance*

New Moon was my favorite book... Twilight movie sucked... I'm hoping New Moon make up for it.

Whatcha think?


Update:  Newest Trailer... I'd put up the comicon one, but I don't like camcorder recorded trailers with people screaming in the background... besides... the 'hallucination Edwards' look stupid to me... This trailer is official, although it's mixed with a little commentary by the kid that plays Jacob Black... Taylor Lautner if anyone is interested in his real name...


Okay... here's the third official trailer... sorry if I get late with any of them, I don't actually watch tv so I don't know when they're released till I go look for them... this one has some of the comic-con trailer bits in it where she sees the pop-up ghost Edwards I don't like... and the infamous cliff... at this rate, if we gather all the trailers we'll have the whole movie before it's released...


TV Spot


Volturi Fight Scene



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Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)


I think yur vid is broked. I hated new moon the book...but the movie looks better than twilight.



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Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

My vid is not broke! YOU'RE BROKE!!!!

I see mine fine... but if anyone else posts that they can't see it, I'll go ahead and move the youtube one into the main thread so as to not have 2 of the same thing up...

lol... I almost posted the youtube one, but since the trailer just came out today, I wasn't sure how long all the personal uploads would last... so I used the one one stephenie meyer's site, I figured that would woudln't get deleted.

As for the movie... all the differences I see between the movie and book seem necessary... since you only got the 'the werewolf is Jake' from her internal thoughts... I'm on the fence with how I feel about Edward explaining that he's leaving to protect her... I thought the majority of why she was the way she was in the book was because he made her think he didn't love her anymore... it adds to her pain... plus it added to the ending... 

I kinda think that's just one of those things that, even though you understand it as the audience, that SHE isn't supposed to know...

And I suppose the Laurent/Jake thing couldn't happen in the meadow since Hardwicke mutilated that scene in Twilight.

Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

I cant wait for the movie to come out!! I saw the preview on the MTV Movie Awards! Looks pretty bad a$$! The only thing that I think sucks is when Bella starts running from Laurent and Jake runs and transforms in front of her.. In the book is completely different.. I liked the whole mystery behind the werewolves.. Also, is it just me or do they make Edward look older in this movie??


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Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

There was no mystery... Meyer just made Bella a complete moron after Twilight... Bella went on and on through the book that the 'mutant wolf' reminded her of Jake... and then she didn't believe him because 'werewolves aren't real'... but she believes in vampires... as much as I loved the second book, Bella was an idiot... And since her 'foreshadowing' of the werewolf being Jake was all due to her own thoughts and not any research or anything... just throwing it out there makes sense for a movie... plus, it lets us focus on the good parts instead of obsessing about 'what's going on with Jake?????'

We saw what happened when they tried to throw Twilight together in 2 hours... I'd like to avoid that this movie, and maybe actually give *good* information to those who don't follow the Twilight series and just want to see a movie.

I'm excited... 5 more months :)

As for making Edward look older... I read something about them changing up the vampire looks this movie... make them less costume-vamps or somethin... Alice was my favorite character, but her wig still irritates me.. I wish they would have gotten her a better one this movie.

Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

Turns out when Jake transforms in front of her, it's not when she's with Laurent...

TSK TSK hollywood for tricking us!

Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

Video worked fine for me. I love the series so far...:)


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Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

It does look better than Twilight. I actually only read the first book, and after the movie figured I wouldn't be excited about the second movie, but now I am really looking forward to seeing this.

Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

Okay... when I saw the comic-con trailer I had to laugh.. it looked stupid... well the way they made Bella "see" Edward as a hallucination... it reminded me of those 'driving school' parts on tv shows or movies where they had cardboard cutouts of pictures of people that just randomly POPPED up... yeah... I was disappointed..

BUT... even with those... with the new official trailer thing (that I have posted in the main topic) I was kind of excited to see the movie again... aside from the stupid fake ghost Edwards, maybe they didn't screw up the entire movie this time?? One can hope...

Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

I updated the main topic with the third trailer...

And for a bit of news, Sam Uley has been replaced in this movie and Victoria will be replaced in Eclipse...

I don't really care about Sam, since more or less probably no one remembers him from the first (or who played him)... for a refresher, he was the one who tells Bella when they're at La Push Beach that the Cullen's 'don't come' [aren't allowed] to the Quileute Reservation... but he plays a more important role in New Moon...

Victoria on the other hand... I'm a little peeved about... I can't imagine why she'd want to drop Eclipse since that's her most important role in the series... not very important in the first and second... I don't care if she has a schedule conflict... I just don't understand who would pass up or drop a role in the Twilight movies with as big as they are (no matter how good or bad they *actually* turn out)... but whatever... the chick that replaces her (Ron Howard's daughter Bryce) has prettier hair... so maybe it'll be fine.


Re: New Moon (Twilight Sequel)

I read that Rachelle had no idea she was being replaced for Eclipse. It wasn't her choice.You can read about it here

And... *dances* I already have my tickets for the 12:01 AM show on Nov 20th!!! 

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