"New" Spyware/Malware Threats

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"New" Spyware/Malware Threats

Here is a pretty good article that describes the newest wave of nasties. The worst part on some of these is that you infect yourself. Check out this slide-show: http://tech.msn.com/products/slideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=5111378&GT1=10240

IMO, the two most notable new methods of infecting yourself are:

1.) A window that looks exactly like a Windows Update notice pops up wanting you to download the familiar "Malicious Software Removal Tool". You want to verify that something like this is really a Windows update. The update icon in your taskbar that is a yellow shield with an exclamation mark should accompany Microsoft Windows updates.


2.) Attempting to play a movie file may prompt you to download a codec to be able to view it. Don't do this. Never click on anything that pops up after you have tried to view a movie or even a sound file while online. Get a "mega codec pack" and be done with it, then afterward don't risk infecting yourself with malware just to play a media file. A good codec pack is the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack. You don't need to load your system down with others.



Re: Spyware/Malware Threats

Huh.. that's odd.. I just don't seem to have to worry about any of these issues with my iMac.. I just use it.. 

Re: Spyware/Malware Threats

Another vote for K-lite.

Good article - Stevie.

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