**NEW - testing bigger picture avatars

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**NEW - testing bigger picture avatars

I've just changed the size of user pictures/avatars that you can upload.. The idea is that you can (almost) upload a real picture of you, not just an 'avatar'.. the acceptable size is now 101px wide by 150px tall..

i'm looking to see how well these look in the new forum layout, as well as if they cause any performance problems.. so.. upload a new picture of yourself and lets test it out.. just keep in mind, since i'm still testing it might get deleted and you'll have to upload your old one ...


(..no.. that's not really me in my test-avatar picture.. i look better than that Smiling )


Re: **NEW - testing bigger picture avatars

I like very much... got myself a new anime avatar (figured I'd keep up with my trend...) and kept my TRINITY signature so people would know it's still me...  I figured this was a bit more me like than the last (a little to preppy for my taste) 


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