new to iMac .... Totally lost any hints so welcome

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new to iMac .... Totally lost any hints so welcome

any info to help new iMac switcher would be greatly received
newbie imac user



Re: new to iMac .... Totally lost any hints so welcome

Welcome to the "other" side!

Without a specific question, it's difficult to answer, so here are my general tips:
1) set aside some time to learn the differences/how to do things. Most people agree that using a Mac is more intuitive than Windows, but it's not automatic and it can't read your mind. You WILL need to invest a bit of time to learn where everything is.
2) Spend a few $$ and get one of those "Mac for Dummies" books, or any "Switching from Windows to Mac" books - and set aside some time to go through it.
3) As you need to do something, just google it! ie; "how do I change my screen saver on a Mac".. Learning things 1-thing-at-a-time as you need to do them is easier for some people
4) You do NOT need any kind of antivirus or "security" software.. but you DO need to practice common sense and safe-computing. NEVER open an attachment/file in an email unless you were expecting it (yes, even from someone you know!!!) and do NOT download/install programs from sources that you are not certain are safe and reputable - the App Store is the safest and easiest way to install software.

I guess my biggest word of caution is: if you don't invest the time to learn your way around, you will quickly become one of those "I hate my Mac" people because you'll be trying to drive your Mac like if it is Windows.. And you wont get very far..

if you have a specific question on how to do something, just create a new post and we can usually walk you through it.

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