The Next iPad Mini Will Be Better

Apple logoThe iPad Mini was rumored for years before it actually came out and during that time there were thousands of rumors and speculation about what the iPad Mini would be like. Now that its out there is another rumor that a new iPad Mini may already be in the works and if the rumors are true it will include at least a few major upgrades.

The primary rumor out there right now is that the next iPad Mini is going to include a full resolution retina display that will make it look more like the full size iPad. This would definitely be a cool upgrade and will likely be included on the next iPad Mini, whenever it comes out. Rumors are also saying that the next iPad Mini will be lighter and thinner which is once again not terribly surprising since Apple tends to do that with every new model.
We don’t know when the next iPad Mini will be coming out, but at this point it looks like it is a ways off in the future. Don’t hold your breath if you want an iPad Mini because it’ll probably be a year or more before the next one comes out.



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