Nintendo 3DS.

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Nintendo 3DS.

Just a heads up to anyone who is in the market for a Nintendo DS light, DSi or DSi XL.


A couple of days ago, Nintendo sent out a press release announcing that they will be releasing a new handheld gaming platform temporarily dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, which will be able to produce 3d visuals without the use of special glasses.


Developers working on this system, say that in addition to 3d, it will feature an analog stick, rumble and accelerometer similar to the one found in the iPhone. The screens will be larger and closer together than those of the DS, but somewhat smaller than the DSi XL, most likely they will also be 16:9. It will[supposedly] produce visuals on par to those of the Gamecube(the second most powerful system last generation, in case you didn't know) and will be backwards compatible with the Nintendo DS and DSi.


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