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Activex pop up

alright so many of you may have mentioned this in previous posts, but I can't find it if you have so I'm posting about it.

I had been receiving the Activex pop up when visiting myspace pages.. i would hit ok (the only option) and it would close my browser.

so, last night, my entire myspace page was deleted. I couldn't log in b/c whoever had changed my email address and password. then erased my account. I lost all my comments and friends.

so i made a new page. same thing happened it was deleted as well.

ok, so i made another. and so far so good. still have the activex pop up that is driving me nuts!

anyone know how to get rid of this.

by the way, i dont see any odd codes in my edit profile, however there was a large one at beginning of sign up. i removed it.



Active-X popups - AVOID THEM !! BAD, bad, bad!

That ActiveX popup is a warning that the page is trying to install something on your computer - it could be something like a little plug-in to play a video, or it could be a worm designed to delete everything on your Myspace page, erase all the music files on your PC, and email all your Quicken Checkbook files to the author!

Because of the inherent UN-safeness of ActiveX it is best to NEVER allow them to run unless you are absolutly certain of what it is. Most people concerned about keeping their PC's virus-free use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer because it simply ignores all ActiveX! It is by far more safe than Internet Explorer and has saved our butt's more than once!

You can read more about it, and get it here: GET FIREFOX WITH GOOGLETOOLBAR

Did I Catch It...?

Okay so I was changing some things around on my profile and started getting that 'Active X" popup, so I'm thinking I got the worm thing, right? But I looked EVERYWHERE in my codes and there is NOTHING there that I did not put there. Also today I was trying some of the new trackers I had not heard about before that people have mentioned in the forums here. SO I remembered months ago that one of the Trackers I tried did this to my page. So by process of elimination ( removing one at a time and going back and forth on my page) I relised it is the code for the SpySpace tracker, ( that myspace.standoffish thing someone else on here recommended ). I am very confused, don't know if I have this worm thing or if the tracker just doesn't work for me? Any help?

Also, last week I was playng around trying to figure out codes and looking for a loophole in the other country extensions ( or whatever they're called ) and now my myspace always says International and UK Myspace, does everybodys ? Or did I break mine?


You have broken it............ actually the trackers that are trying to install active x controls and .mov extensions are making alot of people think they have this worm. The code is not present on your profiles so you are safe, as far as being stuck on myspace international I got stuck on myspace france ( I barely read english so imagine my confusion) I had to sign out of myspace then clear cookies and cache to get back to my normal Mysapce

It figures

I have a habit of breaking things, I'll try your solution, thanks!

International myspace

I kept having the same problem-getting logged in through the International page. This morning I was messing around with my account settings, and noticed the "preferred site & language" setting had been changed. I changed it back to and it has been logging me in normally since then. Maybe it's worth checking and seeing if yours got changed as well.

tracker or worm?

This active x that keeps popping up on profiles is getting old. I do not click yes when I see these.

I have checked and I do not have the worm so I am assuming that all these active x that are suddenly appearing on myspace are the result of a tracker. correct? I hope myspace gets off their butts and blocks this new tracker code.

But which tracker is it? It has to be the same one. Am I safe from this stupid tracker? I use firefox and also HIDEMYIP.


I highly doubt your safe

I highly doubt your safe from these trackers.. There are numerious ones that use a flaw in the myspace security Filter. and Active X seems to be the wayto go... as long as your logged in your tracked.

I don't log in myspace

I don't log in myspace anymore to view profiles. It really is crazy how these trackers gather information on people and infect systems.

Even if you don't log in,

Even if you don't log in, you can still be tracked. Most will have an IP. And some trackers will pull up your profile info if you don't clean your cookies. Like my mother, for instance (she is in my friends list). She knows i have a tracker, so she just doesn't log in and goes to my page. But she never clears the cookies at her house, so it pulls up all her info (but tells me that she did not log in). I let my mom know, and now she clears her cookies. But if she goes to my page clean, it still tracks my IP, so I know it's her. I just like to have some fun with her Wink. All this depends on the tracker you are using, of course...

Which tracker are you using?

Which tracker are you using? Just curious


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