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I am using Terikan's. It is the best that I have found. Granted, it doesn't catch all, and has been catching less and less everytime things need to get changed around with MS closing some holes... But it also shows you where people came from, what they click on your page, and other friend IDs used (may be a dummy account, or may be a room mate). That is actually how I found this girl who was harassassing and stalking me (an ex boyfriends sister, go figure!), and then she opened up a dummy account--but the tracker linked the two profiles together. Dang, I wish I could be that smart to make things like that... And I also have web-stat, to catch what I miss. I pretty much know the IPs of the people I was concerned about. Now though, I'm just nosey and it's fun.

Is it worth the money then?

Is it worth the money then? Would you mind doing a review for me and emailing it to me?

Sure, tell me what you need.

Sure, tell me what you need. But I also think I saw Terikan around in these forums as well. I think he would be much more helpful.

RE Tracker or Worm

If you don't have the code then its a good possibility its a tracker but there are other reasons some profiles want to install active x content. Some of those toys people use require additional add-ons as well as some of the videos which really do need .mov installed to play. Best think to do would be use adblock and the list of trackers provided in the trackers fourm and block as many as we know about.

I had the adblock but the

I had the adblock but the only way it is truly effective is if you knew every tracker being created everyday and updated your list daily. Trackers are being created daily and I doubt we have even half of the ones out there in use.  Lots of nosy, paranoid people on myspace lately. (not me I don't care who looks at my profile)

The only way to truly be safe is by proxy surfing.


The updated list has at least 40 trackers in it and when you see all of the people talking about how great a new tracker is you can add that one in manually yourself. The only trackers that seem to be hard to filter are the ones that are using a java script because you have to install the active x content on the other ones, and proxy surfing isn't alot of fun either but if you have a fast enough connection not to notice the lags that is a solution in a way (except that if you use the same proxy over and over they are in a sense tracking you)

I totally wasn't dissing the

I totally wasn't dissing the hard work people are doing trying to identify all these trackers. There is just this obsession with the users lately and it bugs me. and it isn't just myspace either. More and more company have trackers on their sites too.

RE I totally wasn't dissing the

I didn't think you were dismissing anyones hard work. I think its great that we can have both sides of the tracker issue right out here in the open and give people as many options as possible to avoid trackers and if they are inclined how to use trackers. I think Meta and Bob are doing a great job getting the word out on blocking the trackers and Meta has said he is even working on a way to stop the really nasty trackers that are stealing cookie information. So keep the posts coming and keep giving people options :)

i saw a post where someone

i saw a post where someone recommended a tracker called:
i entered the tracker code into my "who id like to meet section" & i checked back to see if it hadnt yet. Then i noticed on top of my profile page, an install plugin popped up (I have firefox), so i hit "install plugin" ---it said the instal was apple quicktime.....then my page acted funny & my font was messed up as well. I took the tracker off but didnt see an option to remove the was like it wasnt even there, but i eventually found & removed it. So, i thought i had jumped the gun & not given the tracker time to work. I tried it ONE more time & the same thing happened! I repeated the removing process & thats that.
i may be wrong & i in no way, want to give false info out, but this is just my experience and opinion=) I do believe that some of these trackers are indeed mailicious.

Active X

When i first started seeing the active x pop up I would always click the ok button (since it was the only option) now i just hit the x on the top right corner. What does that mean, does it install the active x? or if someone is using a tracker and i click the x - does it still track me? does anyone know?


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