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FireFox Add-Ons

I downloaded most of the Add-Ons and maybe I should have done them one at a time and played around with each one, because now my toolbars are covered with millions of little icons and I have no idea what anything does. lol. Anyways...I did notice there are a few different ones for organizing your 'favorites/bookmarks', I actually spent a LONG time doing this in my IE before I even knew FireFox existed, I only downloaded it to get on this site, but of course now I love it. So any suggestions on which one I should use? I like the idea of having them all in one place and being able to access them from any computer. Also suggestions about any of the other add-ons, likes, dislikes, things you found that they do that I ( a not so absurvant user ) would not notice? And ya, I know i spelled that wrong! Don't know how to use spell check either. lmao








IE Tab



You do or don't like those ? Do they do useful stuff?


I like them all and have them installed right now, they all have a good use

Adblock kills ads and as we have learned kills trackers

NoScript kills scripts from automatically running on a web page

Forecast fox has weather outlook and has a pop up box for severe weather alerts

Grease monkey has user scripts to block out ads on alot of sites like myspace, google, msn,yahoo, even those sneaky ads they put in your mail

IE tab lets you switch to IE in a firefox tab to view pages that won't load right in firefox

And there are alot more just surf thru you may find some that are even more useful to a specific need you have

Might sound dumb, but...

What are 'scripts' on a page or user scripts running on a page?

Scripts are little programs

Scripts are little programs on a page that do a certain task or such. Some benign some can be very harmful.


They are like little bundles of rules, you add the script in it tells the browser that it shouldn't do something like show ads, or it may say hide the ads and reclaim the space like with some of the myspace scripts, and no it doesn't sound dumb you should always ask before you jump into anything new and make sure its something you need or want

Your Impossible to mod with

Your Impossible to mod with hahaha Tongue out

Sorry LOL

I was just continuing to answer the questions she had, I figured you were busy getting tracker reviews done there are only like 500 out there LOL

Little Blue Block

I don't know what they name of this add on is, but the only one I've figured out so far is very helpful, it puts a little blue and green square at the end of any link, and I can see what's on the next page without actually going to it. Might not be too big of a deal for DSL or higher, but I am on dial-up and it is VERY helpful!

That's Cool Iris

And it's awesome. I'm not on dial up but it's still a nifty little tool.Plus when you click links on the preview page it goes to them, but still within the preview window. I've had it for a few days now, and I'm loving it!


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