looking for a GREAT My Space page will pay

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looking for a GREAT My Space page will pay

I am looking for someone to make me a myspace page for amsportstalk.com
with this i need also anyone that can get me friends to promote the site as many as they can.
I will accept bids and need proof you will make a great page (your sample)
i will pay 10$ to 20$ depends on how nice and easy loading. I dont want it to take forever to load because of the back ground. Im looking for a sports theme.
I will pay .2 per friend to anyone who wants to add friends. so if you add 500 5$ or 1000 its 10$ and so on, i dont care how many.
Please wait till site is complete.
all payments via paypal.



Myspace page design


I'm a graphic artist.

 Can do your page and have it up and done by Monday afternoon.

Please ENABLE messaging here, so I can email u the sample page and bid.



IMPOSSIBLE007≈Chris his is

IMPOSSIBLE007≈Chris his is way to busy for me, to much.
Thanks tho :)

Nighteyes, I dont understand the messaging your asking for but I can be reached on the site (www.amsportstalk.com) im Joker, you can PM me or you can IM me via Yahoo IM. by sending me a pm and i will send you the IM addy. I dont want to add it in this post for everyone.
If can get on ill be up around 12 on monday i live in vegas, and so we can chat on yahoo and discuss what im looking for.

PS. anyone know how to get mass friends for myspace, like sports users??

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