Review: Norton Antivirus 2006

Norton anti-virus 2006

GrownUpGeek's Review

Norton Antivirus 2006
Reviewed by: Hubby
Purchase date: October 2005
Purchased from: Online
Price Paid: $42.99
Overall grade/comment: Good virus protection, good technical support

Over the last 20 years I have used just about every brand of antivirus software that's out there. Time after time, I find that I keep coming back to good old Norton Anti virus from Symantec.

Brand recognition

Most people have heard of the big players in the anti virus market: Norton, Mcafee & TrendMicro. Based on professional reivews by major computer magazines over the years, they all tend to protect your computer from viruses equally. For me, what sets Norton antivirus apart is the brand-name, (large) company backing and technical and customer support. The latter, customer support being where Norton stands out against it's competitors.

Easy installation and upgrade

For the last few years I had been using a previous version of Norton (2003 I believe). When it came time to renew I took advantage of a special two years for the price of one promotion if I purchased the full upgrade to Norton 2006. The purchase (credit card in-hand), download, upgrade and setup all went smooth and error free. If I did run into any technical issues, Norton's telephone support with extended hours, and people in the United States (not some far-away country) was there for me if I needed them.

Don't confuse antivirus with the Security Suite

One point of clarification: Norton/Symantec sells several computer security products. If you purchase Norton antivirus we recommend against the entire Security Suite package which comes with far more stuff than the average computer user needs, or will ever be able to figure out how to use. Look for the simple antivirus package, which should cost around $40 - the Security Suite will cost about $60.

Norton Antivirus: Now with less bloat!

A common criticism of Norton antivirus from the past was that it had grown bloated - it contained too many useless features and other stuff that made performance suffer. The 2006 version is a much slimmer, faster and less-bloated reincarnation and does not seem to suffer from the performance issues of days gone by.

Automatic scans & updates

Like most modern anti virus programs, Norton Antivirus 2006 automatically configures itself for optimum virus security including automatic virus definition updates and weekly scans. More advanced (or paranoid) users can easily change these settings, but the average user can simply install it and forget it.

Norton Antivirus: The bottom line

If you own a Windows computer you must invest in antivirus software. Norton Anti virus from Symantec is fast, reliable, easy to install and use, and is backed-up with excellent customer support and technical telephone support. The low price of around $40 (if purchased online) is a cheap price to pay for the protection it provides. I use Norton Antivirus 2006 on all of my Windows computers, and I can recommend it to anyone looking to purchase antivirus software for the first time or to replace an existing antivirus program.


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