O Technology – What Will Becometh of Ye?

The half glass empty kind of person - Who’d that be? Most of the folks like to remain, look and feel positive just because they heard some shrink talking about the half glass full analogy as a great way of reflecting positive mentality unto others. I like to go the opposite way.

I’m not always negative but there are a few things in life that have to be taken with a tinge of salt. In fact, it wasn’t always like this with me. I am still a positive person who would want to see his share of glasses half full.

Let’s just say that weird things, regarding future of entire world in the context of technology, went on in my head. It was sort of like a cheap Indies track, playing over and over again. Stephen King sometimes likes to portray the morbid expressions of his protagonist getting irritated over something, by writing a jumble of boring lyrics.

For instance, I think that near the end of time, mankind will extinguish itself through the extensive use of technological advancement. ‘Tra la la… and the world is coming to an end.. Tra la la.. And we’re all going to vaporize… la la la.” Get it? Something like this may happen anytime soon...  

If you might ask, what pushes a man to think of the future 200 years from today? Here’s how it all started:

The purpose of this post is to ‘grip you hard and raise you from perdition’ for a while. Didn’t get it? Well, I just want you to stop using anything related to technology for a few hours and think about life from a different angle. Savvy? Resting chins on palms, while brooding, will give you bonus points!Skynet Will Control The Planet !

Technology… What Intarrrnation Is going to Happen? 

During the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working my butt off on A-Bomb documentaries [No reason; I did this just out of mere curiosity]. Political bullpizzle, regarding who pulled the trigger first, isn’t entertained or welcome in this post. I’m just talking about a couple of post war tragedies.

Take the example of the Hiroshima bombing incident, among many other instances, as they will leave grave marks on your thought reel. You see, as long as watching slasher movies, where unseen forces gash ‘n chop away at live body parts, is concerned, everything is acceptable to some level.

Watching real people, looking like “well done” koodoo jerky pretzels in the aftermath photos of a 20 Kiloton bomb explosion, that’s really gross. Such incidents dates back to several decades ago. Experts would say that we weren’t advanced that much as the world was still coming around discovering things. An invention here, a failure there, nothing wasn’t that much important, was it?

Landline phones evolved into cellphones. The first few versions were more like bricks, but it eventually got better and better. Knob based TV sets got replaced by remote assisted screens. Grandpa no longer had to shuck his walking stick where the channel button existed. Households changed, and so did an average person’s lifestyle.

Come what may, relationships, on a general level, were beautiful in the old days. If someone fell victim to an unforeseen a tragedy on the block, Ma would go over with one of her tastiest pies to look into the matter, whilst trying to help the poor b***ards (buzzards) recover from their loss.

What happens today? Someone gets run over by a car; someone gets mugged; a girl gets raped in the middle of a busy day, no one cares. We are robots; programmed to backstab one other. The idea of having things done our way sounds more appealing than ever before.

Technology, at its present state, is perhaps more than sufficient. What else could you ask for? Cellphones are there, fast moving automobiles are there, mineral water is there, good food is there, community centers are working to some extent – so on and so forth.

On a side note, yeah, perhaps the idea of inventing special suits to grant superhuman powers to common citizens by 2030 won’t be a bad idea, but other than that, we’ve got more than enough on our platter.

Disconnect to Reconnect:

Technology alongside a truck full of gadgets has hardwired a certain number of atrocities in man’s DNA today. Facilities have become necessities- Filthy leeching necessities that you can’t get rid of, even if you attempted to do so. Try spending 10+ hours without internet or 17 hours without electricity for a change, if you don’t believe my theory.

Sounds ridiculous, right? I did both things last week and believe me; it felt like as if I was in Stone Age. Things just wouldn’t work my way. There was no power to run the refrigerators (the forzen food storage started to get stale), no air conditioners, and above all… no internet. NO INTERNET! Take my eyes but not me interwebs! Please!!!. My Preccsiooussssss….

However, disconnecting yourself forcefully, even if it’s for 1 hour; it’ll get things going on in a totally different and unseen direction. The sense of not using anything will brand you a success in the field of contemplating the future, which, in my opinion, is quite necessary. After long moments of frustration, you will realize how much dependent you were on technology.

Now, if we were to imagine a couple of weeks or years without this stuff, it’d be a nightmare of the worst kind. But in doing so, the disconnection phase will connect you with the fact that life will move on. It doesn’t stop or end as the general idea likes to put it that way. Human beings will resort to basic activities, such as; gathering food from local stores as long as they are there, hanging on to the water supply and communicating via pigeons, or probably something better.

Cut to the Chase, Shall We?

Doesn’t this thought of developing too much gadgets scare you? We will keep on growing, we will keep on advancing. However, when or where is it going to stop? What would be the ultimate invention that would amalgamate a sense of utter satisfaction and ‘okay,-I-am-done-inventing-things-now’ kind of thoughts together? What about the standards of life and everything related to it?

Think about everything that you have read today in this article. Maybe it is too much of a geek talk in one session but it is worth it. For a change, it feels different to read something that doesn’t discuss Apple’s batch of next release dates, internet fiascos and etc. Food for thought, anyone?




Cutting to "the chase":

Machines do not make men more or less evil. That is the same thing as saying forks and spoons are to be blamed for obesity, which is the same thing as saying guns kill people.

For years I have tried to get people to understand that the "evil wicked site" they hate so much and religiously oppose, could, in fact, be run by their next door neighbor.

The internet does not make men any better or worse than they are. It is not to be blamed for the problem of a dark heart. The internet is a tool, nothing more. It depends on whose hands it is in if it is to be used for good or for evil .

...and what is your choice?

 Oh, the age old concept - Right and Wrong use of something. I used to hold it above my head, like a flaming torch, but sometimes it doesnt work like that. Sometimes things are just complicated. Why is it so much evil in this world? Why isnt there any good left? You are right my friend. And your statement applies to everything. But why is it that the proportion of nasty SOBs is more than us.... :( 

You are assuming I am not one?

You have asked the $64,000 dollar question.
Can the answer be boiled down to one topic? Probably not.

But.. you can look within and get one answer.

Why have we been nasty to others? You and I are not perfect, right?

But your question seems to indicate something more important than just "imperfection".

Still, technology is just a mirror of what men already are.

Is it this : http://franceshankins.typepad.com/.a/6a011570d60926970b013487cca508970c-320wi ?

Not usually.

Vamos hablar.

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