Ok Geek after much Research here is what I found

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Ok Geek after much Research here is what I found

This list may be somewhat long, but its about FACEBOOK and heres is all I found!

Facebook URL manipulation (aka hacks) will no longer work

Why?: well if you look closely when you log in, you will notice that the page goes from http to https, thus (and moderators correct me if im wrong) FACEBOOK uses a secure log in page. YOu know one similar to the ones used by paypal, and such.  Im pretty sure that this means that the URL manipulation used for MYSPACE just wont work. I tried some past ones that were laying around, and tweaked them a little but Im sorry.. no luck!

FACEBOOK trackers dont exist or work

Why?: Facebook has taken the liberty of making sure that you can post all of your notes without any HTML, they will filter it out. one or two websites that I caught were asking for money to give it to you, and then when i went back to take a closer look ( and im not surprised..) the website dissapeared... in other words facebook trackers are a scam.. dont fall for it. Use some common sense, and put that if there is no way to modify your look, then you cant add to your page...  


FACEBOOK public page "look" cannot be modified

NO you cannot change your page to resemble something like MYSPACE. Using FIREFOX, yes you can download scripts that allow you and only YOU to see changes on your page. If it is say, GREEN on your screen, other users will see the standard blue and white page. Sorry guys

THere is a little more, but need more research. Update later, sometime this week!


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