Review: Omega 4000 Juicer


Grown Up Geek's Review:

Omega 4000 Juicer
Reviewed by: Christina (Grown Up Geek staff-member)
Purchase date: September 2005
Purchased from: Online
Price paid: $249.99 (Free shipping)
Overall grade/comments: Good juicer, quiet and powerful. feed-chute is a bit small

The Omega 4000 is our third juicer, so you can almost say I'm a juicing expert. We replaced our first juicer because it broke (cheap plastic construction), and replaced our second juicer because it was too loud, it rattled, and the motor bogged-down when feeding only moderate amounts of material. Both our previous juicers were also difficult to disassemble and clean.

The Omega 4000: Strong and silent

Although not silent, the Omega 4000 is the quietest juicer we owned. The solid construction prevents any rattling and the motor is perfectly balanced for a quite smooth sound when running. Rubber feet help dampen the noise and prevent the Omega 4000 from easily moving around on the counter top. The 250 watt motor is more than powerful enough for anything we've thrown at it so far, yet the speed is kept relatively low to prevent foam in the juice - something that can happen with lower-quality juicers that spin the pulp too fast. Overall the Omega 4000 is well designed and well manufactured - so much so that Omega has a lifetime guarantee.

Dis-assembly and cleaning

Both of our previous juicers were nightmares to take apart and clean - requiring a P.H.D. and a toothbrush to disassemble and clean. The Omega 4000 has only a few parts and is a snap to take apart and to clean. The stainless steel and plastic have so far been immune to stains. Our previous two juicers were stained by fruit and vegetable juice within only a matter of weeks.

Omega 4000: A perfect score.. almost

We are very happy with our Omega 4000 juicer. If we had to say anything negative at all about it, it would be regarding the feed-chute. For a juicer of this quality I would have to say that the feed-chute is a bit smaller than necessary. Perhaps this is intentional, to prevent overloading, or maybe it's just an oversight in the design. At any rate, I would still recommend this juicer to anyone ready to move from a lower quality juicer to a high-quality, near professional grade juicer.



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