only security centre loads (wasnt sure where to post sorry)

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only security centre loads (wasnt sure where to post sorry)

A couple of weeks ago my computer started becoming very slow then a little while later norton anti virus became useless and stopped working.I have been getting an install window open for quite some time saying ccComon installing i cancel it but it just wont go away (i cancelled it because i have heard this can be a virus) i was unable to run virus scan because norton anti virus has not been working,then on friday it suddenly worked again.I ran a scan  which took all day and found out i have 8 trojan horses.While i was doing the scan automatic updates downloaded some updates,It installed security centre (or at least i think automatic updates installed it :S).I closed the computer down to try and fix the problems in the morning but when i turned it on the next day only security centre would come up on start up and nothing else loads.I try to close security centre and it just says something like action prohibited.I am running windows xp on an e-sytem computer.

help? :S

thanks =]



Re: only security centre loads (wasnt sure where to post sorry)

Method 1) -harder-

You should be able to 'end process' of the security center in your task manager:

press ctrl+alt+del

click on the tab that says 'processes'

at the top of the box listing the processes, you'll see name, user, etc.. click the word USER to sort

Look under the user name (either Owner, or whatever your admin account name is) processes

Find the one that resembles the security center, highlight and click the 'end process' button.

If that doesn't work, let us know...

Method 2) -easier-

boot in safemode and run malwarebytes

Download Malwarebytes, and install the program as well as update it

Restart your computer, as it's restarting, press F8 repeatedly until you get a boot screen

Use the arrow keys to select 'Safe Mode'

Let the computer boot, press OK to whatever the safe mode alert window is saying about safe mode

run Malwarebytes (this could take a good while (I've had it run for over 3 hours before) and 'remove' any viruses, malware, etc it finds

Reboot your computer in normal mode

Come back and let us know if it found anything, and if anything's working better/worse/same.


Re: only security centre loads (wasnt sure where to post sorry)

thanks for the help =] i'll let you know if it woks =]

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