Help with tracking devices...?

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Help with tracking devices...?

I have a ibook. It was a graduation gift from my Network Administrator boyfriend,and a very nice gift, at that... (even though it excused his IMMEDIATE upgrade to the Powerbook...)

However...I have recently started to wonder if he might have installed a keystroke tracker, or some other sort of web tracker onto this computer before giving it to me. I know he has the capability, because he did it on his younger sisters' computer at his parents request... and I know he has the spare time because he sits in front of his computer all day.

How could I find out if he has installed something like this? If you give me clear directions and tell me what to look for, I have no doubt that I can find the information, if itis findeable,on the computer...

I am not worried about this because I am doing anything wrong... I just want to know on the principle of the private correspondances should be... PRIVATE...

Thank you so much! Please help me put my mind at ease... he and I are talking about getting engaged and I would really like this doubt cleared up so I can say "yes" ... with a totally clear mind..



Mac keyloggers... or not.

Well you're running on a mac so the possibility is pretty much slimmed as getting decent keyloggers for macs is hard and pricey, and finding the source is next to impossible.

An up to date antivirus should pick up any keylogger, the mac keylogger market isn't booming so updates for them aren't thrown out every date.

If it doesn't pick anything up you're most likley safe.

But I'm not that familiar with macs, but thought i'd throw in some advice.


What about keyloggers for PCs. Like typeagent. Know anything about it? Will Ad aware or other anti-spyware programs pick it up when it's running?

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