How does the site "feel" today?

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How does the site "feel" today?

We'd been having some performance issues on the site in the last week or so. It seems the "out of the box" configuration of our new server was not optimal. So last night and this morning, in addition to setting up "jewelry"/badges, hubby has been trying to optimize the web-server for performance.

So - how does the site "feel" today? Faster? Slower? The same?




Thank you! I was in geek withdrawal last night!Smile

Site Feel

Yes, I was having withdrawals myself, but decided to log off the computer and get some other things done.

So far today, it seems much much better.  Thank you!

I am pretty bad about opening pages in a new browser window, and (because I don't know any better), I thought maybe it was just me having problems.  I was in chat too and all my chat was not getting through at the time.  Haven't had a chance to check out chat yet.

Really do appreciate all that you and Mr. Geek do to keep things running smoothly.

And I haven't seen whooo girl lately...Animestrinity.  Where are you?



Animestrinity is on 'retreat' with her man :-)


thank you.  Guess I miss her...Smile


Aww... I feel loved... no worries... I'll be back on Monday... I haven't even been home in the past few days so yeah...

Just checking in to make sure somebody misses me....

That and I had to figure out what the badge things were... new feature I see... I feel like I've missed a lot...

Be back soooon...

I misses you all!!!

So everyone be good... Check in at my concert hall on Monday... I'll be there sooner or laters...



Blonde is a state of mind... or lack thereof...

Working Great for me!

The site is working great today for me!  Maybe too good I haven't been able to catch up on all the postings!  Well maybe when the insomnia hits later I will be able to work on it!

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