netblock owner?

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netblock owner?

can someone explain to me what a "netblock owner" is?





netblock owner?

in what context? where do you see this?

it might be referring to the person that owns a range of internet addresses?

I put my IP in SORBS and

I put my IP in SORBS and found these messages.  I don't know what any of it means.  Can you explain it line by line?

 I would be very appreciative.

 Thank You

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why are you looking yourself up in SORBS?

are you having an issue with email that you're sending being marked as SPAM? are YOU a spammer??

No, not at all

I was just surfing and found that site.

I just don't know what any of it means

Dont worry about the SORBS

Ohhh. ok.. i would not worry about what that site has - that's where spammers and other 'bad' things are reported. you can probably find more relevant info about your IP here:

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Re: netblock owner?
Netblock is the range of IP addresses under which you belong to; hence netblock owner is the owner of that IP address range specifically ISP or datacenter

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