Quicktime uninstall help

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Quicktime uninstall help

Hi and Help!
I tried installing a version of Quicktime Pro, it didn't work, I then tried to uninstall all that it had begun.
But it wont disappear.
iTunes wont work now and asks for Quicktime to be uninstalled.
I've been advised to delete all that is quicktime, but that still hasnt worked.
Can anyone guide me through this minefield?

I've tried installing QT from scratch but get the message...
"This installer cannot upgrade Quicktime 7 for Windows Public Preview. Please uninstall it first"
But I'm not trying to upgrade, I'm trying to reinstall.


Roland Cleaver
How to get rid of Quicktime Preview

First you should try to unistall with the control panel. ;-)

If that doesn't do the trick, get hold of MSIzap from Microsoft:
or Google for it.

Open a command line, (cmd), and type:
msizap TW {7A8658B8-174E-498E-86CF-F2A40B21F579}

YMMV, and there could be different or multiple orphaned installs, so you may have to run regedit and trawl through the long numbers like above, called GUIDs within the key

In one or more of the GUID keys, you will see the DisplayName of the product you want to vapourise. Note the GUID and substitute for each after 'MSIzap TW ' on the command line above.

Note that regedit is powerful magic and goofing around with it can seriously knacker your machine. At your own risk, etc. etc.

Nice one, I'll give it a

Nice one, I'll give it a go.

Quicktime Alternative

This won't help with ridding your system of Quicktime but for those needing a Quicktime player who do not want to put Quicktime on their system Quicktime Alternative is great. Good luck with removing Quicktime...

Re: Quicktime uninstall help

i have quicktime but i'm hearing its being installed by hackers or something to that effect. are there two different ones?

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