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Woo Hoo

I feel so special. I have a badge!! Guess I am an official member of the short bus crew. Smile



Member "badges"

(mr. Geek here)

It's about time someone noticed! It's taken me hours to get those stupid little things setup!

i noticed mine!

i noticed mine earlier, too.  mookas grachias, mr. geek!  hehe!!!  Cool

man i neeeeed some of that

man i neeeeed some of that bling!! haha
i'm going to try my hardest...maybe i can help in the cooking department! teehee


I am waiting for the quote you know is coming, we can make it the secret quote of the day.


Wow.  Thank you Mr. Geek!  Just signed on this morning and I didn't notice right away (it took me a couple of minutes~still on that first cup of coffee). 

It will be nice to know who is who and Foambrush~you are a moderator~way to go! 

Lol, I'll be spending hours now checking them all out, after I get back from work.

I like how you called them jewelry tlp95. 

I just don't want a negative feedback one...so I promise to uphold.

Secret quote of the day, huh?  That could be interesting...

Have a great day all and thank you again Mr. Geek!



Kiss    Wow!  I love my new jewelry! 

Geek Jr.
its wierd that nobody asked this


Re its wierd that nobody asked this

Well if you move your mouse over each badge you can tell what it is for, donating, trusted members, forum owners, site owners,moderator, awesome members, and super donator.

So you can get a badge by supporting the site with money, or by providing quality posts that are helpful to other members, or having an expertise in one area and handling your own forum.

If you can't donate I would suggest participating in the forums by helping out other users who have questions that you may have the answer to. Or if you really have a great expertise in an area you think is lacking on the site contact The Geek and offer to start and support a new area of the site.

I imagine The Geek will explain more about badges if I missed anything or got something wrong ;)



How to get more badges

Once again FoamBrush, you have crystallized our thoughts perfectly. :-)

Maybe we should make a new badge for that!

Geek Jr.
i got none =(



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