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Jayson Krause
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Well I think you need to sit down and have a talk with your friend ! She must know that this guy is not worth it if he is lying to her and sneaking around ! Also If anyone asked me to delete my myspace I would see it as a big red flag ! Tell her she can do better . There are a few good guys out there that are single still , Well actually I only know of one ! :) But seriously a guy should Respect his woman, Protect her and make her feel Comfortable if he can't do that the other stuff really doesn't matter !

I will pray for her that she finds Peace and can find what she is looking for !



Re: Opinions Wanted

I have a friend that constantly meets guys online and ya, they promise her the moon and stars. They meet, the guy gets what he wants and then blocks her from all her social sites and is never heard from again. I'm not saying that online romances won't go any further but I never knew of one. It's best to meet someone in person then build a relationship.

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