Is P90X a Scam? Or does it work as advertised?

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Re: P90X results

One of my bestie's and I have been doing insanity for a little over 3 weeks and it really works if you put the time into it. The hardest part is motivating yourself to get up and do it! I really like that the workouts generally run about 40 minutes ...makes it seem so much shorter than normal workout! I will say one thing about really increased our endurance. We play on a soccer team and our strength/endurance for sprinting and shifitng direction has seriously increased!

Now if I could just get the food thing under control....sigh...chili cheese fries just seem to stalk me...

P90X vs Insanity

Have you started your Insanity workout yet? is it tough?

I had to do my week #2 of P90X over because we went away for a mini vacation. I was able to (mostly) stick to the nutrition plan when we were gone, but I couldn't work out, so three-weeks into the program and i just finished week-2.

The P90X workouts aren't ALL that hard. I can keep up about 75% on the lifting workouts that do a lot of pullups, and I can keep up about 99% on all the cardio and pushup workouts.. Yesterday for the first time, i was able to keep up 100% with the "Ab Ripper X" workout! w00t!

The nutrition plan is still the hardest part for me. The "low fat" part isnt hard, getting enough protein isnt that hard (been eating nothing but grilled chicken breast, turkey patties, & baked/grilled fish), but the low carbs part is what is most difficult for me. I was really getting that "boinked" feeling after a week or two - no energy. i think because i already have relativity low body-fat and my body is just running out of gas. i've upp'd the (good) carbs a bit so hopefully that will help. Getting enough vegetables is also hard for me since i dont really like veggies. I dont really like any cooked vegetables unless they're covered in butter and garlic so i'm limited to raw carrots, broccoli, and spinach - and i dont eat enough of those each day..

I watched the Insanity infomercial last night and it looks a lot more intense (dare i say 'insane'?) than P90X, and it looks more fitness/cardio focused whereas P90X is fitness/muscle-building/toning focused. I'm thinking now that when i finish P90X I might take a week or two off, then do Insanity, then rotate between the two.

Re: P90X vs Insanity

Well, I did the first day, and had to quit halfway through... there was a lot of up and down for my upper body and I got dizzy and stopped when the tunnel vision set in... and couldn't move the second (my legs would just give out)... sooo, come day three I started over, next day did day 2, and then stopped for memorial day weekend... and then got sick(ish).. I can't say sick, but I was having severe pain in my side which basically makes me curl up into a ball... and have been hard at work this weekend installing (or supervising hubs2be install) a water softener since our house is retarded and our water starts at one end of the house, dispenses  cold water throughout our house, and then goes to our hot water heater at the other end of the house which is the area we'll be putting the softener... but tomorrow I'ma start over again.

And it is a bit insane, from what I can tell you, the workouts are basically a set of exercises, and then you repeat them a little faster... and then repeat again faster... and faster... it's like the chicken dance from hell... I like watching the people on screen's arms and legs just give out under them... it makes me feel better that I didn't get through that workout when the people that have been training with the guy can't even get through it... you basically kill yourself for like 3 minutes, and then get a 30 second water break, only to go into an even more killer 3 minute set.

For the nutrition plan, I'm really not even looking at it... basically I'm just trying to eat healthier than my norm and replacing severely unhealthy products with healthier alternatives... I've even cut down on the soda... but I won't be giving that up.

I don't really have a set opinion on the thing... but I can tell you, anyone that can stick with it for 60 days will see some awesome results... if anything, your current running routine will feel like a stroll to check the mail.

Re: Is P90X a Scam? Or does it work as advertised?

"the workouts are basically a set of exercises, and then you repeat them a little faster... and then repeat again faster... and faster... it's like the chicken dance from hell..." I normally don't post on these places but that is the FUNNIEST shit I've ever heard in my life! XD Keep it up trinity, its worth it!

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Re: Is P90X a Scam? Or does it work as advertised?

Male, 5'10, 23yrs

I started P90X! 7 Month ago and DAMN! I LOST 55 LBS! I use to be 260 and now i am at 205! I use to wear size 40 PANTS! and dropped down to SIZE 34 PANts! Unbelievable results. I made time for my P90X since im a busy guy, I have 2 JOBS! and i go to COLLEGE! and the only time i have for a work out is in the mourning.

yes at the VERY BEGINNING IT WAS VERY HARD but i took it very slow. The 1st week i just wanted to try my fitness level for this program so i tried to follow the videos for the 1st 7 days and it was an epic FAIL! but i didnt give up. So when i said take it slow for beginners i did the workout every other day and did as much as i can i never really did the yoga kempo and xstrech because i could barely lift my own body. so i just did the day-1 day-3 and day-5 workouts for 2 month so i can build muscle stregth and after 2 month i started the real work out and man did i see results from my upper body i slacked on the ab ripper because it was so hard... 3 month in my arms shoulder and back huge results. i regret not doing ab ripper.... my stomach wouldve been smaller but if you check out

i am able to do the ab ripper its too bad i didnt take before and after pics because i was too shy and now i regret that too if i get alot of COMMENTS & VIEWS on my youtube i have other videos to post including PLYOMETRICS (The mother of all workouts) Core SYNERGISTICS, and other workouts because i feel comfortable recording myself in doing the P90X

Re: Is P90X a Scam? Or does it work as advertised?
With many "At home fitness programs", you must possess the determination, and the true desire to change your body/life. I have had many friends who have bought alike "at home workout programs" and nothing has changed for them simply because of the fact that they lacked the needed qualities. They followed the program for a couple days and then quit because it was too hard. Personally, I go to the gym myself because I find that there is a "social pressure" in the gym atmosphere that provides the motivation and determination I need, to shape my body. I, myself am a shy guy and I find that going to gyms when there are less people works best for me. I get a bit of the "social pressure" while I can also focus on what I am doing at the same time without getting distracted. Remember that there are both advantages and disadvantages for both options whether it be working at a gym or at home. It's up to you to decide which option would be better for you personally. Good luck on your decision and best of luck on your future outcome!
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Re: Is P90X a Scam? Or does it work as advertised?
P90x is one awesome workout. I got the home workout edition from Amazon and it is worth every penny. Got an awesome price for what I received and I'm so excited.. You will not be disappointed. If you follow everything in the program, you will start seeing results within a few weeks.


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