Paid YouTube Channels Are Finally Here

Pay Per View YOUTUBE

Today YouTube officially rolled out their official new paid subscription channels that we've been expecting for a while now. At this point YouTube only has 2 such channels but they are hopeful that in the coming months there will be more and more added to the lineup.

The two channels that became available today are Sesame Street and UFC and they are both available for the low price of $1 per month. The price really isn't too bad and if you subscribe for a year the price goes down even more. At this point it looks like YouTube is trying to compete with Hulu and Netflix for TV show coverage, so it might actually be a very viable business model.

YouTube is expected to roll out more channels in the coming week or two as well. If you want to try out the new paid channels they offer a 14 day trial so head over and see what it is all about.





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