password reset for new laptop

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password reset for new laptop

I just got a new HP Pav DV6000 laptop with Vista. 

I set it up and entered a passowrd.  because you have to have a combo of numbers and letters I used a password I don't usually use. 


I just got back from a long weekend and can not remeber my password.  i have tried millions of combinations that I thought I used but it didn't work. 

I called HP and they said they could reset it but I would have to take it to best buy and they could reset.  The problem is they need me to leave it there for 1 -2 days. 


That seems crazy to me.    I know with old laptops you could bypass the password and then change it once you got in. 

Is that still possilbe>?  if so any one know how? 


I have class tomorrow night and unfortuneatly my 20 page essay is on my laptop.  Desperately need any suggestions.



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