Apparently Pattern Locks are Very Secure

Smartphone security is important, we all know that, especially given the fact that so much personal data is now being stored on smartphones. At this point there are also a variety of passwords and locking combinations available so even your security is customizable. Oddly enough it turns out that the Android “pattern lock” system can be quite secure even, despite the fact that it is really simple to use.

This week the FBI released a report which indicated that they were unable to crack the pattern lock used by a suspect in a criminal investigation. They reportedly tried a number of things to crack it but were unsuccessful. After failing to crack it they have now asked Google for help but it seems that won’t work either because Google is not willing to help and because they simply do not have any way to get around it.

Even better news for Android users is the fact that even security experts and data recovery teams cannot successfully crack the security lock. If you aren’t already using a lock of some sort, now might be the time to start doing so since they’re apparently quite strong.




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