Pay for Grades?

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Pay for Grades?

So tonight at the dinner table Mr.Pants made a "deal" with the kids (6th and 11th grade) regarding their grades this year. Our children are polar opposites when it comes to school but exactly like each of us.

Mini (the Junior) has an above average IQ and school has always come easy to her. She doesn't really have to do much to pass her classes. She likes that she can easily get in AP classes but then really doesn't want to do the work. When she decides she wants to get an A she gets an A, it's really that simple for her.

On the flip side, Budders hates school and every task is a struggle for him. He excels in sports, instead. Like Mr.Pants did as a child, he does just enough to scrape by and qualify to play baseball where he is an All-Star. Being that he is starting middle school tomorrow I am really concerned at how he is going to manage multiple classes even with the tutors and support we give him.

After some negotiation between Mr.Pants, couch monster, and the kids an agreement was made on how much each child would get for straight A's at the end of each semester. There would be no proration...all A's or no pay. In order to make it worth it, it is a substanial amount since we know each child has been saving toward something significant.

So thoughts? Did your parents pay? Have you paid? Would you pay?


Re: Pay for Grades?

I wasn't paid... I had the ability to sleep through classes and make A's if I so chose without studying or practicing, but decided I had no interest in doing the work (I was incredibly bored at school) and I don't think money would have changed my mind...

when I *was* a straight A student, I got lectured when I didn't make perfect scores (a 95 instead of a 100) and figured out around 6th grade that making not-so-great grades made people expect less of me, so I wasn't as stressed anymore... and around high school I stopped doing assignments at home altogether (the answer to 'do you have homework tonight?' was always 'nope' whether I had it or not)

From a personal opinion, as long as they both think it's fair, then I see no problem...

There is room for it to backfire, but there's also room for it to go really well and help... I know I'm unable to see the importance of good grades, and maybe if someone had given me something worth trying for I would have performed better (I have a distaste for the standardized grading system... I can make crap grades and understand the subject thoroughly, while someone can make A's and not know anything about it at the end of the day, so grades, to me, are illogical)

I think I'd be very unlikely to use cash to motivate my nonexistent children; even though I think it's a good idea in a perfect word, the school experience is far from perfect and I think I'd just feel guilty if they didn't get the grades to earn the reward... some teachers are tough and don't give many (if any) A's, some dock final points simply because they dislike a student, some give extra points to students they like (I've seen these things happen many times as a helper of different teachers throughout school and found it disgusting; but a good 'life's not fair' lesson... I've also been given credit for assignments/tests I didn't do so *shrug*)... Also, some teachers just can't teach...

Yeah, I've rambled on enough...

I hope it works out for you... hopefully if baseball can motivate Budders to get certain grades, maybe rewards can too...

Re: Pay for Grades?

i agree with animestrinity. always two sides to every situation. but you seem to know what your doing with your kids. you know them best right?  my parents loaned me money for my first car. this was after i kept straight As and worked part time along with other after school activities. it was alot of money but i was also working so i could pay it back and i was already doing well in school. the car was more of a incentive to stay on track. my parents had told me it wasnt enough for a new car because if i didnt do well in school id have to deal with that result in life on my own anyway. anyone you work around done this with their kids that you have gotten feed back from? they might help with opinions? but you are not looking to back out of this deal anyway right? just curious?

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Re: Pay for Grades?
Whatever works (short of a daily beating that leaves marks).  :)  Seriously though, it sounds like you have a plan that's worth a try.  You are discussing the importance of school and staying on it and ahead of it and that's the important thing.  Parenting is frustrating, challenging and different things work with different kids.  Your situation with two kids and juggling multiple schedules, I can imagine you have your hands full. Self-confidence and pride can go a long way toward a kid's attitude toward school.  A pay-for-grades incentive might be enough to get the little guy on board and develop good organization and study habits, but I would worry about setting the bar too high.  All A's are really hard to get if your kid is taking appropriate classes.  What I mean is - if your son takes a challenging class... say "Intro to Quantum Algebraic Geometry" and half way through the semester he knows he is going to get a B, he might get and remain discouraged because he knows he isn't going to meet the goal - although for his ability and the difficulty of the class, he is doing extremely well. Just an opinion, but I think there should be some room for a few B's. But hey... who has all the answers?  You are trying things and being a good parent by showing that you care.  
Re: Pay for Grades?

Hey, whatever works. We have semi-paid. Like taken a trip to GameStop for good grades etc.

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