Payless Shoes Spam Won't Stop!

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Payless Shoes Spam Won't Stop!

This is more of a rant than anything else, but does anybody else get a non-stop stream of spam from Payless Shoes?

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I think about 2 years ago I did something at their website - I might have bought a pair of shoes, I dont remember, but I did something there. Since then I've been getting 1 or 2 emails from them every week. EVERY time they send me something I hit the "unsubscribe" link which takes me to the website and confirms that I have been unsubscribed. Then, a few days later, I get another spam email from them.

I'm thinking about starting to forward every new piece of spam to all of their executives.  I know another option is to contact them by mail, but why should I have to spend the time to write a letter and pay for a stamp when THEY are the ones breaking the rules?!


Re: Payless Shoes Spam Won't Stop!

Yes! Find out the email addresses for all of the Payless executives then forward every bit of their spam to them! Better yet, go sign them all up at the Payless website so they all get the spam direct!

Re: Payless Shoes Spam Won't Stop!

Yes I've unsubscribed many times, sent them a customer service complaint, etc. but somehow I keep ending up back on their list. The creepy thing is that I seem to get re-subscribed on days that I go into or pass nearby a Payless store... Has anyone else found this? It's super creepy.

Steve B
Re: Payless Shoes Spam Won't Stop!

I've been getting spammed daily from Payless Shoes for over a month now. I report every single one to (which usually results in spammers stopping) but Payless ignores all of the reports and continue spamming me every single day. I have never bought anything at Payless...I use their competitor Rack Room Shoes. They bought a spam list and got me that way. The one consolation is the fact that they are soon going out of business. How they think spamming the crap out of people is going to save their butts, I have no idea.
They have only reassured themselves that I will never spend a dime in a payless show store. If you encourage spammers by giving them money, they will only spam you more. One day soon, everyone at Payless will be looking for work and the spams will stop. If everyone reports these spams, will eventually get blacklisted and servers will trash them before you ever see them.

Here's some Payless executive email addresses I just found in a quick search: (link sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail) (link sends e-mail)

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