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"People" Search Engines

This thread is simply a compilation of "people" search engines. If you have one to add, just comment to this thread. The majority of the sites listed are free. Some charge a fee. Keep in mind that a few of these *search sites that allow you to "search" by an email address will also send an email to that same address notifying them that they were searched.

This compilation of people search engine sites is a work in progress. Some edits will be forthcoming.

All off topic comments will be gently relocated here.

123people.com    zoominfo.com 

phonenumber.com   isearch.com 

lullar.com  411.com   find.com

peekyou.com  pipl.com  


*rapleaf.com       searchbug.com    skipease.com
spoke.com   * spokeo.comwhitepages.     

123peoplesearch.com  usernamecheck.com     wink.com

*yoName.com      zabasearch.com   the-seeker.com

whowhere.com    iaf.net     isearch.com     whozat.com           

cvgadget.com            irazoo.com                 

namechk.com      snitch.name   mylife.com

mypopulation.com    blockshopper.com

mahalo.com           cuil.com          yasni.com

veromi.net     prismids.com       bigsight.org       uditto.com




Re: "People" Search Engines

Right, but w/ Zabasearch keep in mind your ip address will be displayed to the person you are searching IF they have signed up for the "See who is searching you" feature.  I signed up for the service and have seen a few of my stalkers do searches on me that way (I know their ip's).  So you may want to do it from a different computer just to be safe.  Or can Zabasearch be added to our block list somehow so you aren't tracked?  Not sure how that works.

Fond Du
Re: "People" Search Engines

Spokeo sends out an e-mail if you put in an e-mail.  Or at least some of the time it does (I don't know if it is 100% of the time).

Re: "People" Search Engines

i searched myself on spokeo about 4 days ago and i havent received any emails from them

Fond Du
Re: "People" Search Engines

I imported a list of my contacts into Spokeo and some of them told me they got an e-mail from them explaining what Spokeo was and that someone was searching for the person by putting in their e-mail address.  It did not send it to all of my contacts (as far as I know) but it did send it to some of them.



Re: "People" Search Engines

don't know how recently spokeo has updated their practices but now they claim that your searches are completely anonymous and that anyone you search for will not be notified by spokeo of the search itself, or who is searching for you.


if you want to be more anonymous using spokeo sign up for a new email address, say yahoo..and don't fill in the personal info with your own info.  next, import your contact list from your regular email.  use the new email to sign up for spokeo.  if for any reason spokeo does send an email the receiver won't recognize the email address you are using.


I used this set up 2 days ago and searched 3 of my email addresses and did not receive any notification from spokeo at any of those addreseses

Re: "People" Search Engines

ditto, i searched mine and did not receive any emails from spokeo

Re: "People" Search Engines

lullar does too.

Penelope Pickle
Re: "People" Search Engines



Another one is isearch.com.  I'm not sure if this can be added on there...but it's actually a pretty good people seach engine.

I just tried to pull my name on there and it even pulled up my address and home phone number!!!  Kinda creepy if you ask me.  I have to do some research as to get that off of there.


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Re: "People" Search Engines

 I've used genealogy sites to find people. Many states will give you marriage, birth, death info on folks. Found my best friend from Jr. high by finding out her son's name, finding his myspace, and then looking through his friends list.

free genealogy sites can be found by searching for gen web. just get your detective hat out and get the info you're looking for.

I only use my powers for good - 95% of the time anyway

Re: "People" Search Engines

i'm not sure if anyone has used this one before but i found cvgadget.com. not uber-fabulous but it did find some info. give it a whirl =)


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